O'Flaherty Irish Music Youth Camp


Decided on your classes and you’re ready to sign up? You’re in the right place!

Registration problems: If you encounter any bugs or problems as you register, could you contact us and let us know? Please help us by giving as complete a description of the problem as you can (what the error message said exactly, if possible, or what exactly happened when you tried to complete an action).

Retrieving last year’s accounts: One of the new registration features is that old accounts are archived, so that the information can be retrieved if a family registers for the camp again this year. This should prevent you from having to re-enter all your personal information, though the program will ask you to check it over for correctness. However, this does mean that you have to remember how to get into your account from last year, which I anticipate being a problem for most people! We have changed the user name to your e-mail address, and you can use the “forgot-password” function to get a new password. But if you don’t remember what e-mail address you used, contact us and we can tell you.

If this is your first time to register a child for the camp, please read these Registration FAQs before clicking on the link below.

We would recommend having the Classes page open while you access registration, to allow you to refer to the class descriptions as you make your selections. Or you can read the descriptions on the “Classes” page (especially the section explaining “How to Choose Your Child’s Classes”), and write down your class choices for each of your children. Then you can go to the registration program, enter or verify your account information, and select classes for your children.

Young children in the Foundations of Irish Music class: our youngest students will have a special schedule all their own, and stay together as a class group with a mix of activities. So if you’re signing a child up for the Foundations class, you can just choose the Foundations of Irish Music class for 9-10 AM both Monday and Tuesday, then leave the rest of the class choices blank.

One last thing: the first class you’ll choose for each day is the student’s primary instrument class. This will happen seven times throughout the camp, and each class builds upon the last one, so the student needs to be registered for the same class on both Monday and Tuesday. So please make sure your selection for 9-10 AM on Monday matches your class choice for 9-10 AM on Tuesday.

Okay, you’re ready to go! To register, or to log into your already-created registration, CLICK HERE.

Parents say…

The classes challenged my daughter to break free from the constraints of music on a page.
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